OFFICIAL REPORT: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange found dead – believed to have been assassinated.


Wikileaks whistle blower has drawn his last breath – net-vigilante found dead from gunshot wound in Ecuadorian embassy.

The election is drawing closer and closer and as can be expected, the rhetoric in both the Republican and Democratic camps are ramping up. With new scandals appearing like mushrooms such as evidence of voter fraud and Wikileaks-revealed corruption within Hillary’s campaign and the accusations from several women that Trump has groped them inappropriately, the race is looking like a tight one. To discuss these news, tweet under #HillarysHeistAlthough, out of the two candidates, it is undoubtedly Hillary that has been taking the biggest beating these past few weeks with new, damning Wikileaks revelations hitting the web every day. The kind of corruption that the leaked emails between DNC staffers reveal, is enough to put Hillary behind bar were she to be tried and all around the country, there’s been growing distrust in the candidate. Well, it might just be Clinton’s lucky day.

At 23:29 pm on Tuesday London Time, alarm came that a shot was heard near the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Julian Assange was being harboured. The shot came from a rooftop near the embassy and when the staff rushed up to Assange’s quarters, they found him lifeless, dead from a gunshot wound to the temple. Reports now say that all the flags outside the embassy are

Assange, the figurehead of Wikileaks has long been under threat from those who don’t like him ”blathering” about their secrets, but now it seems, his leaks have angered people too powerful to let anymore secrets be known.

The internet has already placed their verdict: It was Hillary Clinton who ordered the assassination in order to stop Assange from leaking any further damaging E-mails. With the election only two weeks away, some claim that Clinton has become so desperate to not be further outed, that she has ordered an assassin to liquidate Julian Assange.  And although this is only conjecture, it seems like an extreme coincidence that Assange was murdered right as incriminating leaks are being blasted out into cyberspace for anyone to be seen.

As these reports are only just emerging, it is too early to draw further conclusions. The only thing that is for certain is that Julian Assange is dead and that the evidence is pointing towards Hillary and the Democratic Party.

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