Hillary Clinton: ”To hell with the Founding Fathers, I’ll be your Founding mother!”


Hillary Clinton attacks the founding fathers as having been a sexist boy’s club – says she will become a ”Founding Mother”. 

The election is drawing closer and closer and as can be expected, the rhetoric in both the Republican and Democratic camps are ramping up. With new scandals appearing like mushrooms such as evidence of voter fraud and Wikileaks-revealed corruption within Hillary’s campaign and the accusations from several women that Trump has groped them inappropriately. Now however, a new bomb, that is perhaps the most outrageous of the entire campaign has been dropped, and if you thought it comes from Trump, think again.

At a relatively big rally in Cleveland Ohio this afternoon, Hillary Clinton took to the stage and made a speech. In the speech she commented last nights debate and generally outlined her policy, but then, suddenly as her time on the stage was nearing its end, the mild-tempered tone was exchanged for one of zeal and almost frenzy. This is what Hillary said: To discuss these news, tweet under #HillarysHeist”I know I will win, Donald never had a chance. We in Washington take care of each other. And I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I win. He won’t like seeing  a woman as president because he is a sexist who always goes around saying how great men are. Donald always goes around talking about the constitution and the bill of rights and the Founding Fathers and all that. Well, guess what, the founding fathers were nothing but a bunch of men in a boys club who tried to rule over women, to hell with the founding fathers, I’ll be your founding mother now!” 

It’s unprecedented in a US election that the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin (and others). Generally the founding fathers are praised by politicans, democrats and republicans alike, and that perhaps why this statement has already created outrage by the American public. It seems Hillary’s attempt to try to appeal to the fact that she’s as woman has backfired immensely as online-goers from all parts of the political spectrum openly condemn the comments about the Founding fathers.  Here are a few comments on Hillary’s Facebook page that touch on the issue:

How dare that bought-and-pay for liar stand there and bash the good name of our Founding Fathers


Nobody cares that you’re a woman, we care that you do a good job, you haven’t done a good job and now you go ahead and bash the men who made this country what it is because they are men? Shame on you Hillary. Shame on you.

Many are speculating as to what Hillary was thinking in disparaging the Founding Fathers, with many believing it was due to some kind of short-circuit. Speculations are also underway as to whether this incredible misstep will cost Hillary the election.

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